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Receiver as preamp for SET tube amp?

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On 1/13/2021 at 9:28 AM, richieb said:

Why compromise the magic of SET with the preamp section from a receiver? Like JMON said it will work but I can’t believe is the best solution or the end game sound you’re looking for. 

Thanks for your input. Don’t want to compromise the sound, just looking for the convenience of the preamp functionality with the Marantz in front. Listening to them together and separate, I don’t hear any significant differences so far. This might be a temporary solution...

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Personally I would never put a receiver anywhere near a nice SET amp. I think it defeats the purpose. I'd save my pennies for a nice simple tube preamp. If you don't have any other means to listen go for it but I'd make it temp. I've committed far worse sins.


I rotate stuff around but I usually listen to Jubs - 45 SET AMP - George Wright Preamp  - EAD DAC - EAD CDP - MUSIC SERVER or for vinyl GW Phono pre.

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