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dots for sale


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dots for sale

The green dots giver a blacker background and the polka dots align the electrons in cables reducing noise further.

I know it works because after listening to it for a month I removed it from my system and it was noticeably noisier. My SO even notices the difference.


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Used to get the purple and yellow ones at the Grateful dead shows.


Too old for that kind of stuff now. :blink2:


I seen it in high school...purple micro-dot or black star tabs. I never could understand why anyone would eat a bunch of acid, and then continue to go to school frying through the day. Seemed like such a waste of time...though my friends did it. I would have skipped...but I never "experimented" until well after high school. Probably a good thing...


Back then the parking lot was the recreational drug store, and one day a buddy Chris found a guy selling windowpane from a van. Chris immediately buys it, and swallows the tab...that quick.

The guy in the van: "Did you just eat that whole tab?" Chris: "Yes." The guy: "Uh, there is four hits in one tab of windowpane...you're going to have a really good day."


And Chris goes to school anyway, maybe a little paranoid he might overdose from other students giving him shit, but he goes...


This was in the morning, around 8-9:00AM when he took the fry. I didn't see him until 5th period, around 1:00PM or so.


This guy was literally hugging the lockers walking down the hallway, like the hallway was sloshing about.

Two three days later, (he was high for about two days) I asked him about his trip at school. There is a fire escape from the second floor of the school, that would drop down to a smoking area.

He said when he was at the top of the fire escape, he looked east towards the mountains in Idaho, and they were splashing together like waves.

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In high school we used to follow Phish around and drop acid. There was a lot of "gel tabs" around, those were my favorite. For experimental purposes I ate around 10 or so in one sitting a couple of times........big doses are something entirely different than recreational doses. I don't do that anymore that's for sure.





Jimi: "Have you ever been experienced?"



Me: "Yes, I believe I have"

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