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Need a Scott 340b fuse assembly


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This will work fine. It appears to be just a common electronic part. It would be silly to pay the exorbitant price the ebay seller is asking.




I didn't realize it was a universal part, even for older gear. I just assumed different size fuses.


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I only heard it for a few hours and really liked it before unplugging and getting restored. When I got it back I noticed the fuse holder was a little loose when I replaced the fuse. Mt fat fingers  went to tighten it and it was like it shattered with little pressure, Arggggg. So I haven't heard it yet in about 5 months, so I'm looking real forward to it.

I traded a stock Marantz 2225 and Dual 505-2 TT I paid about 100 for total, for the Scott, It's in really nice shape , so got it done up right. 

I'm using a 299a now, that I bought off forum member canyonman that I love! Looking forward to hear the difference between the 7591's and the 7189's.





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Not yet, I start my holidays in 4 hours :) . I'll be doing the replacement over the weekend and doing an AB testing afterwards.
I'm looking forward to hearing the 340b after the work has been done. I've only heard it in stock form but really liked what I heard.

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