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a very nice dac and integrated hooked to two towers will be outstanding. soundbar for tv and you could still watch movies with 2 channel stuff on if you wanted a little more volume. i vote for this option. is exactly what i would do. to me if you can make a proper matching center work then there is no point in trying to compromise so much.


A very viable suggestion.  There is a reason there are a TON of soundbars are being sold to mostly TV/movie watchers, so your suggestion is a good one.


One thing that has changed for me is that now I "watch" my music, especially on Youtube.  There are very few times when I listen to just 2-channel anymore.  My days of vinyl and CD's now seem to be behind me.


The point being, if you specialize your audio playback to two systems, the one that matters the most (to me) which is TV is the sound being compromised, at least to me with my current listening habits.

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