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(SOLD) b&k 200.7 amp (reduced)$800


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Several years ago, I shipped this 125lb Integra RDC-7 Amp to New York without the original box.  I think I triple boxed it with tons of padding.  I was VERY nervous about shipping it but it survived without a scratch.  It can be done but it takes a lot of work.



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has anyone ever shipped an amp like this? 82 lbs I have someone who wants to buy it but he is in Colorado and I don't have the original box.  I don't think I want to even try to send this because all it takes is one drop and could break.


Not 80 pounds but I have shipped over 50 pound amps.  The concept is the same.  You need to wrap it in as much padding(dense bubble wrap) as possible(at least 3 inches), lay it in a box of thick foam, and then set in an outer box with foam between boxes. The key is absolutely no movement inside of either of the boxes.





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I have shipped 2 Macintosh amps at 75 lbs each to Audio Classics for restoration.  They had their own dedicated packing for the amps. Amp screwed onto a 3/4" plywood base with 4 screws.  Amp them packed in inner box with 3/4" sheet foam on all sides, top, and bottom.  Inner box in outer box with the same foam sheeting all around.  Everything was so snug I had to work a bit to get the boxes taped up.  No shipping worries with either, including the glass faces on the amps.  You may be able to find similar setups online.  The guys at Audio Classics did say they didn't want the Mac stuff shipped in anything but Mac boxes or their boxes.  Too many damaged items from improper packing.  Just a word of caution.  

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