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best humorous christmas present bought or received


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We bought our house from my parents back in 1998.  the 'family' house.  my parents are now in their 80's with mobility problems.  every holiday, and their birthdays, EVERYONE comes to our house for dinner, etc. 


i come from a family of 8, down to 6 - all local.  the count is usually around 19, unless friends come or someone brings someone and then it climbs.  not a small affair, with all the family poo poo and the poo poo that comes with all their kids.  we encourage our friends to come and laugh at the familial politics.  lol.


without fail, the last people at our house are my very religious sister and her two kids (joseph 18 and grace 12).  that is my favorite time. religion goes right out the window...lol   like old times with my goofy sister.  the stereo goes on and the ipods come out.  joseph is a musician - plays base in a band.  we spend hours listening to music, sharing music.  it is awesome.  they love uncle mark's system.


other than that, we have nothing in common.  but the love of good music on a good system is all we need.....


NOW i am looking forward to christmas.


maybe this will help SCROOGE...aka MKP :-)   look forward to the chaos as well....


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