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Help Identifying My Heresy's


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Hey guys I picked up an extremely well kept pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers. I was wondering if anyone could help me identify some details about them like what kind of wood they are made of and how rare it is for a pair that are in this nice shape are. I figured out they were made in 1980 but was hoping to get more information about what options they had and if they were a particularly rare or more valuable set of speakers compared to the standard Heresy's you see pop on craigslist. They were originally purchased from Myer Emco and I have all the original paperwork but it doesn't tell me specifically details about my pair.






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Welcome to the forum.



Looks to me like a standard raw birch Heresy with some walnut stain applied. Not rare at all.


Yep, just your everyday birch raw Heresys stained(by owner) with a walnut finish.


With that said, they look very nice and I am sure sound wonderful.





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 12" K-22 woofer (There were several variants used E, EF, K) K-700 horn; K-55-V 
mid-range and the K-77 (T-35 type Alnico magnet) tweeter. From
this date through the end of the model run in 1985, various networks 
were used: Type C, Type E and Type E-2. All were variations on the same 


Remove the backs and see which crossovers are in there.  Replace the capacitors


Slanted risers are always nice to have...They come off from the bottom with several screws if you don't want them.


If you want to upgrade the finish a bit, get some Howard's Restor A Finish in Dark Walnut and use 0000 steel wool to rub them down, with the grain.

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