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We had  La Scalla speakers installed behind our screens ...nine years ago..... in a small independent movie theatre in Houlton, Maine. We completely re-speakered and all new Dolby sound and everything else when we converted to digital cinema. There was nothing wrong with the speakers, they had been installed new, light use was the norm. They are black and serial # 8989454 and # 8989453. We have them listed on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-La-Scala-Professional-Loudspeaker-/221967052001?ssPageName=ADME:X:AAQ:US:1123 but people are asking us questions we do not know. Any help would be appreciated. Which series are these? We have them listed for 1300.00 for the two speakers total. Is that a fair price? Thanks in advance.

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What questions do you need answered for potential buyers?


Without pictures of the original speakers either hear or on eBay, a guess as to market value is out of the question! I will tell you that unless you have split LaScala Pros in excellent condition that you are high on your asking price. The Pro versions are painted and bring less / are less desirable for home use than the Pro Version.


I own, and have bought and sold a bunch of Pro Klipsch and home Klipsch speakers. The speakers in your generic picture are NOT "split" Pro LaScalas and bring less money than the splits which are four pieces for two speakers instead of just two speakers.



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Also, if the serial numbers you have listed are correct, then those speakers are 26 years old... So it's hard to believe they were "installed new" just 9 years ago?

As mentioned above, posting pictures of the actual speakers, including any serial number tags on the back (if they're there), would help determine exactly what you have.

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