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Year-end review - My impressions of Cornwalls and Tangents


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I'm getting to a bit of year-end housecleaning and writing up my impressions of a number of speakers I was fortunate enough to sample over the course of the year. 


This was a great Klipsch year for me - I've had Cornwalls, Tangent 5000s, and Forte IIs in the house alongside my CF4s. 


They were, and still are, all amazing speakers. But only one pair got to stay while the others found new and willing homes. It was tough winnowing the herd but that's the only way I can keep up with this amazing hobby!


I've written up my impressions with some pictures on my blog, www.silverfacestereo.com. I'd be happy to hear whether others have done similar comparisons and what they've concluded. 


I hope you enjoy my post!






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I enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for sharing!


I have not had a chance to hear the CF4's but hope to some day. I currently have Tangent 500s in my two channel setup and agree the bass is lacking a bit but upgrading the XOs helped some. Some day I am going to rebuild the cabinets and see how that helps and firms up the bass response.

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Thanks! It was actually close between the CF-4s and the Fortes. The Fortes sounded very well-rounded and I'm sure that given the right placement they would have been excellent replacements for the CF-4s. 


And I wish I had the space for the Cornwalls! If I ever build a house I'm going to make a room with wall cut-outs of Cornwall size!

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