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Marantz AV8801 processor + Audyssey Pro Kit + license - $1450

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EDIT: Also now selling the ATI AT2007 amp that went with this:  https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/161097-ati-at2007-7-channel-multichannel-fully-differential-amp-2300/


I can make someone a great deal if they do a cash local pickup deal...


This set up is about a year old and retailed for a lot more than what I'm asking.  Buyer will pay all shipping costs and paypal transaction costs if an official paypal invoice is desired.  Local pickup near Columbia, SC is preferred.


I've sold several items here, and you can also check my ebay feedback under etc6849.



  • The Audyssey Pro license is linked to the serial number of the Marantz.  I'll transfer my kit into your name and provide you login credentials.  After that you can change the account username and password, etc...
  • You MUST have a paypal verified address (if you want it shipped) or pay in cash in person.  My paypal address is verified so you would have buyer protection if you wanted to pay for paypal's invoice fee.
  • I caught a room treatment on the door, so it is bent slightly as shown.  Not noticeable unless viewing from the side and up close, but it's pictured for full disclosure.  Everything else is as new.
  • The Audyssey Pro kit and license alone would set you back $700. Includes a calibrated preamp, mic, stand, lots of cables and adapters, CD, etc...  It is the latest Audyssey Pro kit, so you can download MultiEQ Version 4 for free.
  • The Audyssey Pro kit was bought brand new by me from a distributor, but the serial cable that came with it was buggy under Windows 7.  I'm providing a replacement cable that includes a gender changer.  I will look for the original cable to include also, but I may have tossed it.

Technical highlights:

This setup will calibrate duals subs calibrated to work together better than any EQ system I've tried.  Even Dirac can't handle multiple subs as well as Audyssey Sub EQ HT.  The subs are individually pinged (true individual sub 1 and 2 channels), then combined and calibrated as one.


The Audyssey Pro kit provides a US made and calibrated mic and preamp, necessary cables, Samson mic stand, etc...


The Marantz AV8801 has many awesome features not found on other processors unless you spend a lot more:



Let's make a local pickup combo deal!  Also selling the following:

Marantz AV8801 Preamp/Processor

ATI AT2007 7 channel amp

Pioneer PL-530 turntable plus free records

Two Klipsch RT-12d Subwoofers

ECM8000 mic

M-Audio mic preamp

Yamaha RX-V1300

and some other stuff including bedroom furniture so bring a trailer :)









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If anyone is looking for an Audyssey Pro kit only, please PM me an offer (be sure to include your zip). I can ship the kit double boxed from 29063 or you are welcome to come and purchase it in person.

Once I sell the kit, I can sell the AV8801 at a great price.

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Ok, preamp is sold.  I'm going to repost the Audyssey pro kit separately.  I can ship the pro kit double boxed for $450 to an east coast address.

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