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$1850 Two Klipsch RT-12d Subs in Excellent Condition - SC

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Local pickup only near Columbia, SC, cash only.


These were the last of the decent reference series subs (IMHO)!  I bought one from a dealer as A stock, and the other from a dealer on ebay as used but it appears to be A stock as far as I know.  Both look great except for the one has some small surface scratches that are only visible in direct sunlight.  The scratches on the one do not penetrate the wood or anything.


Two of these in opposite corners will squash any room modes and give you an experience equivalent to $5000 or more worth of subs (no BS at all)!  Originally these were ~$2400 each MSRP and weigh ~80 lbs each!  They also perform very well with single digit THD!


I'm only selling these as I don't have corners free in my cramped theater.  One mic that came with the unit I bought new is included.  If it helps the deal I can get the box out of the attic for the one that I bought new.


Let's make a local pickup combo deal!  Also selling the following:

Marantz AV8801 Preamp/Processor

ATI AT2007 7 channel amp

Pioneer PL-530 turntable plus free records

ECM8000 mic

M-Audio mic preamp

Yamaha RX-V1300

and some other stuff including bedroom furniture so bring a trailer :)








  • Cabinet configuration ideal for corner placement
  • Three extremely high-output long-throw woofers (Klipsch really means this)
  • BASH digital hybrid amplification
  • Perfect bass at the touch of a button
  • IR sensor for use with select learning remotes

Featuring a triangular-shaped small footprint design the RT-12d employs three ultra high-output 12-inch Cerametallic drivers (one front-firing woofer two rear-firing passive radiators) and a potent 800-watt RMS amplifier. Fitting nicely into a corner the RT-12d's unique enclosure style allows the passive radiators to face both walls of the corner for maximum output.


Through proprietary DCS technology this subwoofer gives you more control and flexibility with different source material. The DCS digital user-interface offers quick and easy adjustment of all functions including three equalization modes (flat depth and punch) and five user-adjustable presets (music movie night and two name-your-own settings) to create specific listening preferences. 


By utilizing a patent-pending Adaptive Room Correction (ARC) process and the included calibration microphone the RT-12d ensures ideal performance in every listening area at the touch of a button. It also comes with an IR sensor for operation with select learning remotes or control systems.


Meticulously crafted in a cherry or black ash wood veneer finish the RT-12d has an elegance and style that perfectly anchors your home theater or two-channel stereo music system.

ENCLOSURE TYPE                          Bass-reflex via dual rear-firing passive radiators
ACTIVE DRIVERS                             Ultra-high-excursion 12" (30.5cm) Cerametallic cone, front-firing woofer
PASSIVE DRIVERS                           Dual ultra-high-excursion 12" (30.5cm) Cerametallic cone, rear-firing passive radiators
AMPLIFIER TYPE                              BASH

Digital hybrid
AMPLIFIER POWER                       FTC Rated Power: 800 watts continuous @ <2% THD/Dynamic Power* 2000 watts
BANDWIDTH                                  19–120Hz ± –3dB
MAXIMUM OUTPUT                       120dB @ 30Hz 1/8 space, 1m
CONTROLS                                     DCS control and feature set with 5 system presets and ARC Adaptive Room Correction
INPUTS                                            L/R Line-level RCA jacks, calabration microphone
USB 2.0
OUTPUTS                                        L/R Line-level RCA jacks (passthru)
FINISHES                                        Cherry or Black Ash wood veneer
WEIGHT                                          71 lbs. (32.2kg)
HEIGHT                                           18.75" (47.6cm)
WIDTH                                            24" (61cm)
DEPTH                                             21.75" (55.2cm)









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Thanks!  You know you want to make the drive :)  I can take off some to cover your gas if you buy these and one of my other items...


That's a lot of sub.



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Never mind...  sold them to Kenny with the chairs.  He's got a heck of a setup for a great price!

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I had the RT12d before. Happy for you both. 


Because of the dust from the acoustic ceiling in the music room, I stopped using my MCM 1900  or maybe it was the MWMs that made the dust. ....Damn chicken / egg thing.  

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The two RT-12d's were very very nice with Audyssey Sub EQ HT.  I was highly impressed with them!  Too bad Klipsch quit making them.  They were a very unique design.


I gave Kenny a great deal on them as he also bought my preamp and chairs.  Need to sell the Audyssey pro kit now though!

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