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KLF - C7 Horn or Parts


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Hello Everyone,  I'm running KLF-20's, RS 3 II surrounds and a SPW - 12 sub.  I have a KLF - C7 Center - it was DROPPED in its first move in 12-years! (sickening!).  The speakers are fine, but on the horn (high frequency center), the 2 leads broke off at the unit...the connection spades stayed plugged in, but the plastic snapped off, leaving no input to the horn.  I NEED a horn or some pro input on how to replace the input plug receptacles on the horn.  There are 3 tiny nuts to disassemble the horn from the magnet(s), but I'm no engineer. Please see the picture attached.  The plugs snapped off - the leads from the crossover are plugged into small chips of plastic -- can't make out anything but tiny wires coming from in between the magnets.  Can anyone help?!  Thanks!   


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You would need to connect the tiny leads to another type of lug, connector, or any wire leading to the source of signal on the crossover. Extreme care must be taken not to snap off the tiny wire further down near the voice coil, or for heat to reach the voice coil, so a heat transfer (heat sink) of some source as well as modest solder iron temperature and quick soldering should be undertaken. Do not remove the heat sink until things have cooled down. You don't want to melt the voice coil. 



Alternately, Klipsch may have replacement diaphragms available and this would include the voice coil/diaphragm assembly, which included the mounting plate and lugs that were broken off during your incident. 

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