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**AQUIRED**: "Small" Center speaker


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I’d like to hook up a modest 3.1 setup in the bedroom but am in need of a center. I'm looking for a center channel speaker from either a HDT-500, HDT-600, Synergy, or Quintet . I’m interested in one of these because it can be placed in front of the TV without blocking the picture. Will entertain the idea of similarly sized speakers. Shipping would be to 70003. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.










Thanks for everyone's consideration. I was able to find a Quintet center on eBay for under $29.







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KV1, 7.5" tall, 20.5" wide and 6" deep.



I have a little Paradigm CC V3 I'll let you have for 20 bucks plus shipping..


Thanks for the offers fellas but both of those are a little big for what I'm looking for. Smoking deal on that Paradigm, jephdood.


I possibly found something on eBay but I'm going to wait and see if the CFO will "let" me buy a new TV as well. I "need" a new TV that has ARC control. Since a new TV will likely have a different base/stand, I should have more/better options for a center channel.

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My current TV is an 8 year old 37" Samsung. Its base makes it very easy for it to be placed on top of a speaker. But its pedestal makes it a little more difficult to place a smaller speaker in front of it. I tried it once before but it just sat to high for my liking. If and when I get a new TV, the base/stand/legs might pose a problem for being placed on top of a speaker.



I've been checking out the Quintet centers on eBay.


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