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KV2 center channel speaker


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I have a KV2 walnut center speaker that I can no longer use. Had it with in-wall/ceiling Klipsch speakers in our last home in a surround sound set up that was done in 1999. I read where Klipsch stopped making the KV2 in 1997, but I bought it from Electronic Environments in Memphis in 1999. 


It has been in one spot continuously all of that time and literally looks brand new but for some minor damage to the finish at the bottom edge of one end. I am trying to recall how that could have happened as I do not think I ever had anything sitting next to it. If I did, it was so long ago, I do not remember it. 


I am amazed at the weight of this speaker. On top of that, it is beautiful with this walnut finish. Not sure what the wood is but it has a very attractive grain. Wish I could still use it. 


I do not recall what I paid for it and to be very open about it, I have no idea what these go for or what kind of market there is for them. How about $100 + shipping cost? As this is my first post in this forum, I do not know how transactions work here but we can figure it out if anyone is interested in this. 


Btw, I also have some other audio equipment that I can no longer use. Don't know if this forum is strictly limited to Klipsch products but I have some Adcom pieces (2 amps and a surround sound tuner/preamp) purchased from the old Custom Audio in Little Rock back in mid to late '90's. I thought Adcom went out of business, but apparently it is still in operation. 







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