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SOLD!Cornwall's Beautiful condition

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If interested let me know more pictures will be added. These have been re-listed after complete cosmetic overhaul. Stained beautiful Walnut (C-Br) with upgraded grills (brass badges in great shape). I'm in Miami, Fl if anyone is interested.




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In looking at the pictures and description provided in your eBay auction, the year of production is part of the serial number.  I've excerpted the code from the link below and also included the picture of the serial number from your auction and notice that "x" is 1982 year of manufacture, not 1967.



_ Cornwall 33x366.jpg









This thread will provide almost everything you ever wanted to know about Cornwall speakers.




                    A = 1955-63*           F = 1968       L = 1973       S = 1978

                    B = 1963-64*           G = 1969      M = 1974      T = 1979

                    C = 1965                H = 1970      N = 1975      U = 1980

                    D = 1966                J = 1971       P = 1976       W = 1981

                    E = 1967                 K = 1972       R = 1977      X = 1982

                                                                                Y = 1983

          * Cornwall's & La Scala's used "A" 1963 and "B" for 1964; the first Cornwall to use a letter code was 3A09, shipped in August of 1963.








Also, I can't see the detail code on the back of the midrange driver; however, it looks like the K51V.  I have included a picture of the K51V to give you an example as your driver looks very similar.  A K51V is a ceramic magnet version of the old K55V, and has a different phase plug.  The K55M is very similar and also has a ceramic magnet, but has a rear chamber. 


Note that the "V" code indicates Atlas, the "M" code indicates Electro-voice.  Klipsch had been working with Atlas to improve the K55V and make it cheaper since Alnico was skyrocketing in price and very expensive in the early 1980s.

Ultimately, Electro-voice made a copy of the basic Atlas geometry and made it work well; and got the contract with Klipsch for what we now know as the K55M.  This all happened in the early 1980s.            





Picture of Klipsch K51V for comparative purposes.









Picture of the inside of your Cornwall from your auction.




_ Cornwall internals .jpg



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  Thanks for the info, wish you could have written my post, LOL. The back of the Cornwall's have a distinct "F" stamped on the back. Perhaps you or one of the other Klipsch GURUs can educate me on what this represents, if not the year? Since, I thought this was the point of reference, as per to the year.


You are correct that the horn is a K-51-V AND tweeter is a K-77-M, both in excellent working order. If anybody has any other questions, I can answer please ask away.post-61944-0-68440000-1455514140.jpg

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The "F" stamp may have been placed by the builder, or the finisher responsible for the pair of speakers.

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Hi Mungkiman,


The "F" is on the upper left side of both cabinets and USA is on the right of each cabinet. Woofers are K-33E x-overs are Type B-2, if that helps anyone. There are no velcro strips, as they have just received a face lift, so the grills have brand new cloth. The badges are also, not attached because, I didn't know if the new owner would want them attached or not ( they look so clean just plain). I can't add much pictures here they keep saying to large, but I added them to the CL posting, check them out  there.


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