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My 15yr Old Daughter's 1st Stereo System


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Several months ago, my 14yr old daughter mentioned she would like to have a stereo for her bedroom.  So of course I immediately headed to Craigslist to look for some Klipsch.  I found a pair of RF-5, RC-7 and RB-5 for $600.  I figured at that price, I could keep a pair of the speakers and sell the rest.  I brought them home and asked my daughter if she would rather have the towers or bookshelf speakers in her bedroom and she said the bookshelf (I would have picked the RF-5's but hey....it's her room). 


I didn't have a need for the RF-5 or RC-7 so I ended up selling them and ended up with the RB-5 for free. 


A few weeks later, I found an Onkyo TX-SR602 for $30 and then several weeks after that, I found a small entertainment center for $20.  I figured it would make a nice birthday gift for her so I stored the entertainment center at the church and the speakers and receiver in the HT.  Not a bad first system for $50.


So tomorrow is her 15th birthday and she's spending the night at a friend's so I brought home the entertainment center and hooked up her first system.  I think she is going to be thoroughly impressed.  I couldn't believe how terrible her TV sound was.  I mean really awful.  I think she will be pleasantly surprised.  :D



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I think so too. All of my 4 children love music and watching movies. She will get plenty of good use out of it. The only one that doesn't like speakers in our house is my wife. LOL

That's funny....I'm on the flip side of that coin....my wife loves our gear...she was the one that found our LaScala's some 23+ years ago.... she loves the Wall-O-Klipsch.....lol lol

Your daughter's system looks very nice...I'm sure she'll be happy...

MKP :-)

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I have had system in my daughter's room for years now.  She is 14 now and enjoys it totally KG-2's mains, KG 2.2 center, KG1 rears, and a KSW-50 subwoofer with an Onkyo receiver as well.  Sony Blu-Ray player, DBX DX-5 CD, Sega Dreamcast, XBox 360, and inputs for her laptop, phone and tablet (Hundreds of movies and thousands of songs are available throug the home network).  Picked it up little by little piece over the years at really good prices.

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Awesome surprise. RB-5 are so smooth.

My "wife" doesn't mind all the large speakers, but she can't do without a subwoofer.


Well, my wife doesn't like the speakers, the subwoofer or anything else in the living room that isn't a foo-foo decoration.


She's not real crazy about the "big" TV either.  :wacko:



So Youthman, your 15 yo daughter didn't want the giant RF-7's in her bedroom, eh?  That's a real shocker.  How did you get to be your age, and have NO earthly idea how females think?  :lol:

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I have the total opposite with my 4 kids. None of them used the systems I put in there for them. I have 2 boys and 2 girls and both bedrooms were set up with 5.1 and fully done up with blue ray players, avr, google chromecast, cable box, and even a record player for my 1 daughter. They have access to over 400 movies, 1400 cds, and youtube. They refuse to use the systems and use their phone or pads for everything. I even bought my 2 sons the video gamer chairs which sit off on the side collecting dust. They actually prefer to watch TV with the sound from the set.

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Nice, great to see kids who are interested in having a system. Now you just need to decide which remote to give her an MX-890, MX-880 or Harmony One.


It looks very good, but make sure that Onkyo does not get too warm, they usually like a little more breathing room.

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Good story and a great Father. My now adult daughter soon to be 29 started out with a really nice pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers and my first SS receiver a Pioneer SX-780 that I still own both to this day but 8 years of her took a toll on the heresy cosmetically speaking,.. Those same speakers and receiver are now in my 9 year old grand sons bedroom that currently lives with us! Since the Daughter had that system Mike at RadioXtuners.com a good friend of mine refreshed my SX-780 for me. He does all my FM alignments on tube tuners for me.  



Did you know spell check thinks I'm spelling Klipsch wrong LOL!! It offers "lipstick" what a riot... 

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