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Klipsch speaker Impedance curves


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My 2nd post! : )


It's been two years since karlson3 asked if anyone had impedance measurements of the Klipschorn bass bin using the recommended false walls. I have that as well as overlays that replicate his measurements using real walls and no walls. There's excellent correlation between our measurements, which is interesting given that mine involve the cast frame Crites woofer and his may be using the OEM woofers. Bob and now Michael are gifts to vintage Klipsch owners.


The measurement legend describes each trace by color.


Also included are pictures of the false wall I built for acoustic measurement purposes. As you can see, you really need to use a real room with real walls to measure impedance properly, but those same walls are the enemy when trying to isolate a loudspeaker's acoustic response. Thus I built the false walls since I don't have access to that crazy anechoic chamber with the revolving corner.


God bless you and your precious family - Langston









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I noticed that and thought about doing that myself at one point, but I happen to have a room that has close to perfect corners for my '74 models.


A couple of thoughts:


1. I bet there'll be a difference with Z measurements even with the new ones in a corner vs. not, but less so.

2. Corner placement is still best for acoustic reasons when possible in most cases - nothing that hasn't been noted before of course. : )


God bless you and your precious family - Langston

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