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Can anyone guide me in the correct direction, wood horns.


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​Looking for some help on wood horns. I have a project that I would like to start and want to use wood horns for cosmetic reasons.

Is there anyone who makes and sells them ?  Or does anyone have a pair for sale?


Thanks Dean



There are lots of wooden horns. A guy named Al Klapenberger makes them. Another guy named Volti Audio makes them. Another guy named Edgar something makes them. Another guy named Fastlane makes them. Google some of those names and you will run into a forest of wooden horns! Good luck! Sounds like a great project.

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Good for you.  I was just pointing out some of the characters we used to see here.  Interestingly enough, staygroovybaby didn't mention anything about the project being Klipsch, although this is obviously the Klipsch forum, which of course is not the only source for advice about horns.

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