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dtel's wife

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Rest in peace Valerie! Christy, so glad you put together the flowers and luncheon for her a few months ago. I am sure it added another joyous memory to her long life.

We were also able to take care of her "hair" appointments for a few weeks.

I spoke with her caregiver who advises that Ms. Valerie did not want a viewing or a service, she didn't want anyone "seeing her like that"! She simply wanted to be laid to rest by Paul. If the information I have received is correct, I can only hope that her wishes would be honored.

She was truly exquisite in her own right and such a force to be reckoned with. I understand Paul's attraction to her.


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RIP and thanks for the memories and kindness shown...


That was such a great day. I can't thank all of you enough for skipping out on lab time with Roy to spend time with Ms.Valerie. She loved all of Paul's fans. In fact, at our recent luncheon with her she raised a toast to "Paul's Fanclub".

May the First Lady of Audio truly rest in peace with her beloved Paul. She's been ready to join him for awhile now. I'm glad it was a relatively quick and somewhat painless journey for her.

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