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Opening Day; Play Ball


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My nephews and niece are treating us to Opening Day tickets as a thank you for help with my late sister's estate.  I've never been to Opening Day.  The tickets are in section 132 behind the Tigers' dugout.  Now, if we can just have weather like yesterday, sunny and 60'ish, it'll be great.  We'll have a good time no matter what the weather.


To get primed. I picked up some Griffin Claw "Clubhouse American Cream Ale,"  Go Tigers!



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Approximately 6 hours until Kirk Gibson throws the ceremonial first pitch at Comerica Park. The predicted high is in the 40s with 50% chance of precipitation. With luck, the rain, or snow, will be after the game. We're dressing for a football game. It'll be an adventure no matter what.

Go Tigers. Beat the Yankees!

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Good luck with staying warm!


it's definitely going to be pretty brisk for a ball game.  i know its not supposed to rain/snow until after the game is over,  but who knows, it's spring in michigan  lol

i work a couple of blocks from the park.  its already crazy busy down here. get here early!


Go Tigers!

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The temp at game time was 38 and it zoomed up to 42, but the sun made it feel warmer,as did the 4-0 defeat of the Yankees.


I was unable to attach photos to a post from the game.  Apparently, I had to clear some server space by deleting photos from old posts.




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