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Not Klipsch speakers but JBL 4367's .....


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I started out wanting Klipsch Jubilee speakers but reality and room considerations set in. I'm back with Klipsch (bookshelf speakers) and loving them immensely.


At one point I wanted JBL M2 speakers but they required specific amps and electronic crossover setup that was not only limiting gear-wise but possibly not my cup of tea. It also required major dealer involvement for proper setup.


Once JBL announced a consumer version of the M2, called the 4367, I felt they'd be perfect. The 4367 have a built in passive crossover and you can use your own amps.


They finally arrived last week and I absolutely love them.






Thank you so much.



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Those look awesome! I'd love to hear those. I had a set of lsr 305 and if those are any indication, you should be enjoying yourself quite a bit right now.

Are you able to compare them to other big Klipsch or horns you've heard?

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Thank you so much.


I've owned and only really heard the Cornwall III's. I loved them but admit that they were a little forward and a tiny bit aggressive to my ear. The Cornwalls begged to be cranked and were so clear that I did not realize how loud I was playing until the music stopped. Whew, wonderful and fun speakers.


These JBL's (my first horn based having owned JBL 4312D studio monitors) are so smooth, ballsy, wide sound stage, seem to have very little room interaction, slightly sweet and warm (perfect for my taste) and just a wonderful presentation. To me, they remind me of perfected Cornwalls.

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Thank you soooooo much. I did not realize. That is an awesome feature.


Thank you for the comment as well.



Nice looking speaker. 


On your type o, you can go to edit, use full editor, and change the title that way. 

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$15K per pair???

The designer of the M2 gave a talk on the M2's, which has been posted on here, and he said the whole principal behind it was digital eq and active crossovers for a nearly flat FR. The foundation for his speach was the years of testing they had done on what the average person considered a good sounding speaker. In blind testing flat FR is what sounds best to most people.

To achieve that the M2 uses active crossovers and eq to get a flat FR. I think the dealers you were dealing with gave you the straight scoop on that, it would defeat the purpose of that speaker to not run the entire system as intended.

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This is what I got

SPEAKER TYPE 2-way Floorstanding Loudspeaker

LOW-FREQUENCY TRANSDUCER 15" (380mm) 2216Nd-1 Differential Drive® woofer

MID/HIGH FREQUENCY TRANSDUCER 3" (75mm) D2430K dual compr ession






ENCLOSURE TYPE Bass-reflex via Dual Front-firing Ports

INPUTS Dual Gold-plated Five-way Binding Posts

DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) 37-1/16" x 22-1/16" x 16-3/4" (941mm x 560mm x 425mm)

WEIGHT 135 lb (61.2 kg)

But it uses a duplex mid/tweeter, so 3 way?

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Maybe they count the tweeter/mid horn as a 2-way with its dual voice coil? It is confusing, but I have to say works VERY well to my ear. Smooth and slightly sweet, full bass, so easy to listen to for hours and hours.


Yes, retail is $15K.


Here are some YouTube vids:










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