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70th Anniversary Klipschorn Available NOW!

Alex L

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The 70th Anniversary Klipschorn is a soul-stirring tribute to Paul W. Klipsch's original design. As the only speaker that has been in continuous production for 70 years, I don't think I need to go into more of it's history. It's the American original.


Limited Edition Features:

  • Australian Wood Walnut Veneer
  • Book-Matched Veneer
  • Special Plaque Signed by Craftsman
  • New Nameplate
  • Silver Luster Grille Cloth
  • New Low-Frequency Horn




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Anyone know if the backs are enclosed?


From the brochure.




The rear low-frequency horn has been enhanced and is fully enclosed, offering more placement versatility in the listening room. 


Thanks, Carl.

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My kingdom for some good corners (and enough $ to pay for the speakers). Anyone know if the backs are enclosed?


Man I hear ya. Lot's of rooms, but not a single one with two adequate corners. I have got to say that I am really impressed with these and the Heresy production. 

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What makes these speakers so expensive? I've never heard them, so is it just the nostalgic "look and sound" of these that make them sought after? Or is the sound that much better than any new design they are currently producing?

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I love that grill cloth is it possible to get it?

Toomnymods;;;; The reason is they have enclosed backs which requires special construction,,,exotic wood veneer,,,70th ann.....special look....the regular K-Horns are at 12,000 now anyway.

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