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good watts for KG 5.5

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To paraphrase those indelible words uttered by the one and only Sargent Shultz and parodied by good old Arte Johnson, "Very Interesting."  Several of us have been responding in the thread below. It seems that instead of a "double post" it looks like he got a "double thread" that posted one minute apart.






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when I had KG 5.5s I used several different power sources but the Panasonic digital receiver had 100wpc, Outlaw Audio RR2150 at 100wpc and I also used a Nakamichi STASIS with 45wpc...those speakers can bring it but I never had to use all that power...they are quite efficient...I didn't settle on the Panasonic because of the watts per channel but just because I was using mine as a smaller, 3.0 home theater set up...


In my 3.0 (L-C-R) set up, those KG 5.5s provided plenty of bass for movie watching...


When listening to just music in my preferred Stereo (rather than multi channel) the Panny could use a Dual Amp set up which allowed the multi channel amps to boost power to the amp used for Stereo and provide better sound...



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I couldn't find the specs on the Klipsch site; however, from the specs I found below showing 98dB sensitivity, 75 watts should allow you to hit slightly over 116 dB peaks in the music easily at one meter from the speakers. 


When considering the listening distance, while there is not a drop in sound per meter, the listener will experience a sound level drop of 6 dB per doubling of distance.


The wildcard that I’m not familiar with is related to the impedance curve of the speaker.  For example, the KG 5.5 uses a parallel speaker connection for the two woofers.  When speakers are connected in parallel, the impedance is reduced, which means that for the same amplifier output voltage, the current demand on the amplifier will be increased. As an example, if you have two 4 ohm woofers connected in parallel, the total impedance is 4/2 or 2 ohms.



The two-way KG Series KG 5.5 floor-standing loudspeaker was first introduced in 1994 and manufactured by Klipsch until 1997.


Specifications: FREQUENCY RESPONSE 34Hz-20kHz(+-)3dB

POWER HANDLING 100 watts maximum continuous (500 watts peak)

SENSITIVITY 98dB @ 1watt/1meter


TWEETER K-85-K 1″ (2.54cm) Polymer dome compression driver

HIGH FREQUENCY HORN 90(o)x60(o) Tractrix® Horn

WOOFER Two K-1023-K 10″ (25.4cm) Injected Carbon Graphite cones

ENCLOSURE MATERIAL Medium density fiberboard construction (MDF)

ENCLOSURE TYPE Bass reflex via front-mounted port

DIMENSIONS 37.5″ (95.3cm) x 12.25″ (31.1cm) x 17.5″ (44.5cm) WEIGHT 69 lbs. (31.3kg)

FINISHES Whitewash, Lt. Oak, Med. Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Black Satin veneers, Black vinyl





Well not a fully horn loaded system they are still very efficient. Anything above 35 watts solid state will drive them as high as you wish without distortion. Relax and use what you've got for awhile and then, if yo need to, make  move from there.



Thebes brings up an excellent point, as long as the impedance of the KG 5.5 doesn't dip too low for the amplifier, the 35 watts should allow him to experience the true feeling of the 109 dB peaks that a grand piano crescendo will hit during a concert. 


Sure is a nice advantage when using a high efficiency speaker given that every doubling of power is another +3dB of loudness.  Those guys with the low efficiency speakers (e.g., 86 dB) sure have it tough when it comes to watts as they would need 256 watts for the same 109 dB peak.


1 w = 86 dB

2 w = 89 dB

4 w = 92 dB

8 w = 95 dB

16 w = 98 dB

32 w = 101 dB

64 w = 104 dB

128 w = 107 dB

256 w = 110 dB


Now with 98 dB sensitivity of the KG5.5


1 w = 98 dB

2 w = 101 dB

4 w = 104 dB

8 w = 107 dB

16 w = 110 dB

32 w = 113 dB

64 w = 116 dB

128 w = 119 dB

256 w = 122 dB



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