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Found Cornwall pair in antique shop. $1495


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Not sure if price was fair. Just thought I'd share.

Thanks for sharing. I would love to have a pair of Cornwall that nice. To me, the price is high and part of that is because I have more than I Need...still less than I want.  :)


The seller might be able to command that price, but that price is in the real nice LaScala price range. 

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If you're patient you can pick up 2 pairs of CWs for 1500. There are great pairs of LaScalas to be had for $1200 or so, and JWEB is right on with the Khorns for 2K. Looks like I might be putting my Ks up on the market along with a single Belle in the next week or 2. I've had some sh*t come up I need to take care of. I can always replace the speakers, they will be on CL Chicago and also here on the forum. Of course in keeping with tradition, I will be charging forum members a premium, they don't know the market or how to look the gear up on CL :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:



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