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Question for everybody: Interested in Custom Heritage Speakers?


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Just sayin...one more time---gator or other exotic leather makes a statement the fanciest wood never will. 

I could picture some some nice Ostrich skin La Scalas in my living room...(Don't tell Gilbert)



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I don't know why not. They seem to blend perfectly with the paint.

Yea, she wants to use the black ones we made to go with the tv, cabinets and equipment. Cane was original but I couldn't pass up on the deal. So we got some help from Russ, BobC and Parts Express


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I love the looks of the Heresy 1, in unfinished Birch with Cane grills.  Right now, I am looking to find a pair for sale, and the only pair out there in great shape, absolutely will not ship.  Darn. :(


He doesn't "have to ship", just open the door for the driver.


Search "Uship" on this forum, or ask me.    Lars

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It's a no brainer. Levi's has a custom shop, 350 to 500 a pair, in San Francisco. The Fender Custom Shop is legendary.

What year are we up to on Paul's birthday this year? Create a Signature Model, Be drivers, etc.

Make that Jubilee bass bin in a real exotic wood, with grill covers, and get Roy to make a wood horn to match size of 502. You do that, set it up in a great listening space at CES, I think you could sell a 100 pair right off the floor at 20K a pair retail.

Get Billy Bob Thorton to design a pair, and sell a limited edition of those, etc., etc.

Made to order, money up front, accurate waiting times given, no inventory to carry. Chad can create an app or way customers can check status, on real time, just like shipping a UPS package?

Who ever asked you to check into this is a genius Chad and I like the way they think.

I was talking about this very thing with some photographer dude just the other day.

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Travis you're right on target. The Jubilee should be included in the discussion of this concept with the development of a complete cosmetic package for this outstanding product. I would like to see a new state-of-the-art hf horn developed which is intermediate sized between the K-510 and the K-402. This could facilitate the development of cosmetic treatments which allow for no- compromise performance and appearance for the Jubilee. Hopefully the R&D costs for a new horn can be borne by future product applications on the professional side. If Klipsch does this, I will be first in line with my wallet open

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