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RS 62 - II placement in this room?


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The plus of all of this is she's your girlfriend. Notice how a lot of us have very supportive wives when it comes to speakers? If she can't handle some rf-7ii in the room your gonna have a rough time ahead of you. Cause the rabbit hole only gets deeper my friend ;)

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When both speakers fire, it can sound like the opposite side is much stronger than the one behind you when there are strong effects that go beyond simple ambiance.


My side surrounds are also directly behind me due to a weird room configuration with one side wall at an acute angle.  I don't like hearing these smaller speakers to overpower the L/R when I am standing closer to the surrounds.  This happens in All Stereo mode. 


To compensate I use the AVR to reduce the Db's to the surrounds.  I don't worry about other 5.1 content being affected as surround content tends to un-nerve me anyway.  I don't like sounds and noises that are "sneaking up" behind me.

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