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Asking Too Much?


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Here's a link for an eBay auction near me.  I'm currently looking for some Cornwalls, but have read rave reviews on the Chorus.  My question:  Is the seller asking too much for this particular pair of Chorus II?  If so, what is a reasonable price for a comparable pair?  Thanks in advance for your input!  


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So the listing says, " all original-price firm"  ..... But you can make a offer?? 


Yea I agree with Mr. Clark.... a bit steep for black Chorus II's.... I'm thinking like $600-$700 tops imho. ...25 year x-overs will be needing some help....


I paid $170 for my Chorus II's..... yea they needed some work.... put about $300 in them..... so I got $470+/- in em... They look "OK" I might be able to get $550 for them.


I've seen real nice one's in that $1100 price range....


Chorus II's really nice speaker..... can handle lots power and put out alot of sound....hard hittin bass.... also don't over look Chorus I's 


Good luck..


MKP :-)

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If you're local to him try starting a conversation outside of eBay. If you pick them up and pay cash you'll be saving him at least 13% in seller's fees, no reason he can't pass those savings on to you at the minimum. Personally I would think $700 would be a fair starting point if you really wanted a pair. If you're patient just keep watching his listing and sooner or later he'll lower his price. If the wife really does want them gone I'd suspect sooner rather than later!! :rolleyes:

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or, you could buy mine :D


Cane grills likely coming soon for these babies, that is if they don't sell...


Matt ♪ ♫ ♪

Excellent work, Matthews!  Unfortunately, MO is a little out of my driving range.  BTW, what amperage is the receptacle in the background?

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