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SOLD George Wright AG Signature phono stage with nice tubes, RARE


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I have decided to sell my reference phono stage, George Wright AG Signature, complete with original manual. Excellent condition and incredible sound quality. Separate tube-regulated power supply with huge transformer is evidence of the quality behind this design. For those of you who are not familiar, this is a very rare piece. I am going to include my personal selection of NOS tubes. They were all ordered specifically for a phono stage and are very quiet. All tubes will be shipped with their original boxes. Tube selection as follows...

- Matched quad of Mullard CV4004 box plate tubes (from Upscale Audio, Platinum grade-$720)
- JJ ECC99 (from Tube Depot)
- Tung-Sol 6x4W blackplate (from Brent Jesse Recording)
- Philips/Mazda 6BM8 from 1969 (from Brent Jesse Recording)

This phono stage was the late George Wright's Signature/Statement design for vinyl playback and has been my reference for quite some time. The sound quality is simply fantastic. Variable gain allowing use of both MM and MC cartridges. I've used both types with great results. I have not ran across a cartridge this phono stage cannot drive well. Lots of gain and completely adjustable for each channel. Not excited to let this go, but we are in the middle of a large remodel and trying to free up some cash. If someone is interested in the phono stage without the high value tubes, I am willing to separate. However, this particular tube choice is very nice sounding formula and highly recommend for the new owner. Let me know if you have any questions. $1750 shipped for everything.





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This is a remarkable phono stage! Someone should jump on it. I have a George Wright phono stage that is an earlier but similar design and it is killer and this a fair step up from mine! 


BTW Dave is a great seller! 



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