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Favorite SS Reciever for 2 channel listening


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16 minutes ago, Alexander said:

Odd man out I guess as I like my old Denon DRA-825R

Not really.  Though not exactly the same as your Denon, I had a Denon PMA-1080R integrated driving my fortes and quartets for some time and the combinations were awesome. Those 80's/90's Denon receivers and integrateds were pretty special.  As well as their CD players like the DCD-3520 I owned for quite some time.



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Im surprised nobody has mentioned the NAD 3020. I like mine with all my Klipsch speakers.  I am alone on this one? I had a few Marantz 2230's and liked them a lot, but they always seem to need repair.

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On ‎6‎/‎22‎/‎2016 at 8:12 PM, rockhound said:

Just a question if you had to pick one solid state Reciever for your 2 channel setup what would it be?

Before I got into tubes I had an all Marantz system, a DC 300 amp with a 3250 pre. This sounded really good to me but the tubes are a lot better...

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On 11/20/2016 at 6:00 AM, willland said:
On 11/20/2016 at 5:47 AM, Weber said:

That looks like a beast. How do you think it will do against your Yamaha? 



Also, thanks for the information / prodding on the R117. As you can see, I am trying to score one. Until then, I was able to get the R115 yesterday. I don't have it where I want it yet and have been using it to AB some bookshelf speakers that I hauled in yesterday too Polk 5, B&W, Pioneer HPM500, ADS. 


Every R117 that I'm finding costs 4x more than the R115. :huh:


Thanks again,



The Yamaha drives my RB-75's in my living room and the NAD drives my Heresys in a bedroom.  Can't really "compare" but they both sound great IMO.


Great score with the R-115.


The R-117 is definitely more prized than the R-115 but both really do sound the same at "normal" listening levels.



If someone who has a Marantz PM8005 and wants to come here to ABC it against the AS1000, Luxman R11(X) and a few other SS power sources, I'm game.... and it might save me money by hearing what is the see all, hear all, end all. bs: There is no such thing, in any category, as two 1st place winners.  




I am so glad that some haven't stopped the fight for better sound. 

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44 minutes ago, svberger said:

This sounds great with my Cornwall II's. Tube tuner, too. 

Looking great

Believe it, or not, I traded off one of those yesterday. It needed a lot more work than i was able to invest. They're fetching some coins on ebay. 


Someone had one and some Belle





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1 minute ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

Believe it, or not, I traded off one of those yesterday. It needed a lot more work than i was able to invest. They're fetching some coins on ebay. 


Someone had one and some Belle





There are a few on CL(and 1900's too) in the SF/Bay Area for less then $1000. The one that's really hard to find/rare that is going for big bucks is the 1500. They didn't make many of them. Would love to get my hands on one. 

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So far Marantz 2500 with it's clean, cool and detailed sound. But that's not to say the Sony STR 7045 was bad. When it comes back restored I bet it to will be awesome in a different way. Not necessarily better. Sony's are known for their warm, full well rounded sound. Which got me to thinking maybe there are "seasonal" receivers which we like to listen to at different seasons. Lol. I'll rotate the Sony in during fall winter.^_^

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My receiver needs are limited since I live in a mountainous region yielding multipath FM reception probable. Most AM tuners are design afterthoughts, making them not desirable as well. My 1968 purchase of an AR Amplifier and Turntable and various homebrew, Advent Large, and even a pair of RS tower speakers were used over the years. I made the switch to CD's in '86 and eventually added a Philips FA-50 50 WPC amp and CD-960, a 22+lb single CDP... but no tuner. Several years ago found me 'trying'. two Onkyo's - a TX-8020 50 WPC 2.1 stereo  entry-level - and clean (.08% THD @ 50 WPC/.03% THD @ 25 WPC) and a C-7030 CDP. It fully quiets on local FM stereo stations with the same 3 ft run of wire/antenna I used in a comparison between it and various other receivers, including Sony, Yamaha, and older Onkyo stereo and 5.1/7.1 HT AVR's. The TX-8020 FM section bested them all while the AM section was no worse than the others. The CDP is a winner! The receiver is available new for the meager sum of $150-$170 shipped from Amazon.


My favorite amp, however, is my last fall's purchase of an Emotiva A-100 BasX 50 WPC (80 WPC 4 Ohms). Same low THD specs as it's predecessor, a-100 mini-X, but 110dB S/N and a headphone jack. These amps are discrete component class AB with a large power transformer (toroid) and 10,000 uF caps. List for $229, too! My older Emo amp - and it's C-7030 CDP - drives my RB-81ii's on stands in my upstairs hobby/bonus room, My office stereo has the newer Emo amp and a C-7030 CDP. It drives my '77-vintage Heresys. Believe me - 50 Watts allows plenty of headroom in both applications.


For AM listening, I have my UK-made Lowe HF-225 Communications Receiver with it's  available 10 kHz BW, low distortion AM-synchronous detection circuit, and low distortion one Watt of available audio power (... @ 8 Ohms!), which normally drives a KB-15. It is even louder with the Heresy! 'Classic' r&r on AM never sounded this good before! Below the HF-225 is atop the Heresy and next to a KB-15. It was tuned to Radio Australia on 9,580 kHz which I had first listened to in 1962-3. Australia quit broadcasting on shortwave the end of January this year - sad!


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I would use the Sherbourn SR-120 even for two channel. I realize the Sherbourn is a HT receiver but it sounds fantastic with only two channels as well, it puts out over 125 wpc two channels driven and it gives me all the flexibility to dial things in with crossover points, etc.  I haven't heard any other receiver better this one whether it be two channel or seven. 


For a receiver from yesteryear I would pick any of the older Technics flagship amps. They are powerful low distortion options that sound pretty amazing. I have owned at least five of them and never had an issue with any of them. I still love the SA-TX series of receivers with the big lighted meters in the front.


I agree with a poster above, the SA-1000 is a "to die for" receiver. A real 330 wpc and some amazing heft to it. Here is a list of Technics receivers and the specs so you can compare if you like to your favorite gear.




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  On 7/11/2017 at 10:49 AM, cgolf70 said:

By accident!!(ha..there are no accidents!!) I just found a pair of Fortes on ebay Saturday.  Included in the already sweet deal was a Luxman R117 stereo receiver that they were using to power the Fortes.  Not a receiver I would ever have looked to buy but wow is it ever powerful and does it ever make the Fortes sing sweet!!



The R-117 is one special piece.:emotion-21:  Thumping bass drive, sweet velvety midrange, and detailed highs.  Did I mention power/headroom?:unsure:  Soundstage?


Easily drove my RB-35's and Heresys as speaker A and speaker B without breaking a sweat.






hijacked the hijackers in a different thread...or something like that.


I was using the R117 to drive a pair of Chorus II and a pair of KP362. This morning I moved it to the bedroom system where it's driving a pair of KLF30 and Chorus II. Love the sound of the R117 and/or the R115. 

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FOR SALE: BOSE 1801 Classic Power Amplifier from the 70's - 400 WPC/4 Ohms EXPIRED

Asking Price:
CAD $650.00
Payment method: Cash, Money Wire, Interac/EMT
Shipping weight: 40.82 (kg)Calculate Shipping
Condition: 8 - Very good 
Date Posted: Aug 22, 13 4:04pm
About the item
This amp has been serviced and had recommended mods done before it came into my 

Dimensions: 1801
7 3/16" H x 18" W x 18 1/2" D
(Including Knobs)
Weight: 1801

82 lbs

Power Requirements
Voltage: 105-125 AC USA, 210-250 AC EUR
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: Minimum 60 watts
Normal 1000 watts
Maximum 1960 watts
Integral Design™
Output :
(both channels operating )
250/250 watts @8 ohms
400/400 watts @4 ohms
Harmonic Distortion:
(THD) @ 250 watts
Less Than .15% (20Hz-5kHz)
Less Than .5% (5kHz-10kHz)
IM Distortion:
(4:1 60-7kHz) 150 watts
Less Than .15%
Frequency Response: 20Hz-10kHz ±.25dB
10kHz-15kHz ±.7dB
15kHz-20kHz ±1dB
Signal to Noise Ratio:
-100dB £.5mV across 8W at zero volume
Load Impedance: 4 ohms or higher
Input Sensitivity: 1.5 Vrms for 250 watts output into 8 ohms
Input Impedance: 50,000 ohms or higher

Bose 1801 Amplifier
  • 649076654_thumb_2d6038a8c2fdc65eecf88488
  • 649076654_thumb_a643838e7283c44c8008ac4e
  • 649076654_thumb_b884c02179c54c394d0c6441
  • 649076654_thumb_908efc5646018bd60a106015
  • 649076654_thumb_844335606d5dd896af08a7bc
  • 649076654_thumb_8c760d23b8e29f55b43a6b46

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On 4/3/2017 at 5:35 PM, Alexander said:

Odd man out I guess as I like my old Denon DRA-825R

Not alone. I have a Denon 3803 paired to Wharfedales Denton's that sounds pretty dang good. A tad mellow/laid back but detailed. Listened to it for a good hour and while the first half hour was a bit tight and not as holographic once up to operating temperature it displayed excellent musicality, bloom, and holographic sound. Imaging wasn't pin point accurate with just a tad bit of float. Otherwise a really good receiver. 

I can live with it. Denon makes good products.


Downstairs in the living room right now the Bob Carver Sunfire cinema grand amp & pre sounds absolutely fantastic on the Bell's. Musical as all get out and non fatiguing. Been sitting here for about an hour after a LONG hard day of yard work. Don't want to move. Lol. Jazz sounds so awesome on Klipsch.

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