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Thanks. I can't believe I'm this old. ;) . Seriously, if you ever have a few minutes.


ps - I'm home all day... painted the front door so I have to leave it open for a few hours so it won't stick shut tonight.

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The video came out sideways to me when played on Media Player.  If it were rotated clockwise it would be in the correct orientation.


The video itself was super clear.



Weird... Works fine on my Windows computer, but is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise on one of my Linux PCs too.



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First of all Dean, I love your project.  I would not have been disappointed if it were a parts list with some Q & A from us regular posters, but it seems you are willing to do so much more.


I have reviewed many of the related threads and the Youtube vids as well, but there is no definitive or all-inclusive teaching vids.  There is good information out there but it is fragmented and often hard to find. 


Your willingness to go the extra distance with the video is a good idea, but it seems like 99% of us you don't have the background to organize, record and document your ideas.  You've got the brainwork and skills part worked out, the part most of us will never be able to do without a LOT of help.


If we're voting, I would like to see if others can help you video and post that video (or videos) maybe to Youtube.  Then come up with a super organized thread that can be found easily.  For instance by the use of TAGS in this thread, right now there are none.


I would be willing to help in my limited way.  For instance, to help you write for your target audience.  You are in the expert class in terms of knowledge, but who is your audience?  Is it the experienced DIY'er?  Is it the novice builder?  Maybe both?


And if I'm out of line, just tell me.  It's just I am really stoked about your project and I hope it can succeed wildly.

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Dean, for completeness, may I suggest that you add a link to the AA schematic in your first post.


AND an interpretation for the layman!  


Not all of us know what those little squiggles mean.  (and yes, I did look it up.  It's still confusing)

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