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22 hours ago, geoff. said:

Hello again @Islander, that was in Toronto. Lot’s of people here too in a hurry to be next in line...


I drive the 400 series of highways here every day as a service rep and what never fails to make me laugh is, if there is an accident it is ALWAYS in the fast lane!


You would think that people in a hurry would plan NOT to be in an accident...


Nothing classy about that sticker.  So do you have a very large area to cover?  Is it within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), or a larger part of southern Ontario?


Actually, I’m surprised that anybody in Ontario drives fast anymore, especially with that “stunt driving” law (travelling at more than 50 km/hr - 31 mph is considered to be “stunt driving”, with heavy penalties, including impounding your vehicle and temporarily suspending your driver’s licence).


Thing were different when I lived in Ontario.  The 400 highways always had fast traffic, especially the 400 and 404, as well as Highway 115, east of Toronto, north from the 401.  More than once, I found myself in a clump of at least half a dozen cars, plus me on my bike or in my car, everybody travelling at 170 km/hr -106 mph or more.  Travelling alone, I’d notice single cars moving at speeds like that several times a year.  In one instance, the driver and passenger were white-haired seniors.


As for people in a hurry, they’re one of the most dangerous types of drivers, since they’re more likely to take chances and make risky moves.  People who are travelling quickly, but not rushing, are much safer, and the police (or anybody) can see the difference.  It’s often reflected in how the police deal with a speeding driver that they stop, meaning the rushing driver is not likely to get away with a warning.

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Guy bursts in to a bank and announces a holdup.  

His mask slips.


he says to a customer closest to him, did you see my face?


yes, customer replies. 

he shoots him.


turns to next customer and says did you see my face?  Customer says yes.


he shoots him.


turns to next customer and says did you see my face?


customer replies no, but my wife did.

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