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R-110SW Open Box, MINT!

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  • Absolutely 10/10 condition, New.
  • Compact subwoofer with stylish finish Klipsch wraps the rigid MDF contruction with a durable black brushed polymer veneer that seamlessly blends with your existing system. Effortly match the R-110SW to any modern home theater décor.
  • SPUN COPPER FRONT-FIRING CERAMETALLIC WOOFERS Cerametallic spun copper drivers are incredibly lightweight in construction while maintaing their rigidity. The result is tight musical bass reproduction that adds depth to your favorite albums and movie soundtracks minimizing cone breakup and distortion.
  • All Digital Amplifier The integrated all digital amplifier supplies hard hitting powerful bass while maintaing efficiently reliable, highly accurate sound reproduction.
  • Front slot ports Deliver all of the low frequency energy to the listening area with the slot loaded port below the main woofer. Focusing the physicality of bass energy and allowing greater installation and placement flexibility.
  • MDF Plinth An incredible acoustic decoupling technique that allows you to hear the subwoofer, not the room. Go Wireless The R-110SW supports the WA-2 Wireless subwoofer adapter kit and allows you to freely change its placement anywhere in the room. Tuck the subwoofer beside the sofa, place it in the back of the room or wherever it is the most convenient.

$319 + Actual Shippingpost-16083-0-79760000-1467757469_thumb.j

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3 minutes ago, Bruce said:

Sorry about that, I don't see a PM option though....new to site.

Hover your mouse over the seller's avatar. Should cause popup with a message option...

Welcome to the forum...:)

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