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SOLD: Beautiful Koa wood Jubilee Clones


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Never thought I would do this, so much for that. Due to some ongoing expenses relating to an issue with our Son AND the need to downsize, I am offering my Jubilee Clones for sale. I would like to make it clear these are NOT factory Klipsch products.


When Marion(Rigma) and I built our Jubilee Clone Bass Bins a few years ago we were told by THE man that would know, the plans we had obtained and were going to build from were as close to factory as they could possibly be. We received a blessing to proceed with construction.


I have sold the JBL 2404h tweeters and the 2" drivers that were mounted on a pair of Elliptrac 400 horns for 3-way use with the DeanG/ALK custom passive crossovers. So, for 3-way use a person would have to spend about $400.00 on tweeters and mid drivers to get them back up and running. This ad is for the Bass Bins alone. If you would like to talk price for the matching adjustable tophats with horns and crossovers we can do that seperately.


I think that most of the Fellas that have been on this board as long as I have are familiar with how I do things when it comes to woodworking. These are truly heirloom quality furniture grade builds that will last 10 life times. They were constructed using 3/4"(19mm)Baltic Birch and assembled with Gorilla Glue a pneumatic Brad Nailer and a boatload of non-corrosive wood screws. To say they are built like tanks would be an understatement.


Each cabinet contains 2 Klipsch 8 ohm K-31 drivers wired in parallel as they should which were made available to me by Klipsch. They are accessible via gasket sealed access panels in both the top and bottom panels of each cabinet. Cardas binding posts are mounted through the top woofer access panel of each cabinet. The veneer is figured Hawaiian Koa and was just under $900.00 itself. I have four front grill frames cut and ready to wrap. They can be fastened to the Bass Bins with either Velcro or magnets. I have a roll of each of the Black and Brown Klipsch cloth which I obtained from Ralph at Duracrest some years ago. I think the Brown looks beautiful with the Koa. The bass bins are close to 300 lbs. each so they would need to be picked up in California. 


I am asking $2500.00(negotiable)for the bins. Will make someone a good deal if they want the tops, horns and crossovers too. Throw some K-402's and drivers on the top and you are there(the passive crossovers can be converted to 2-way(600hz) in about ten minutes if one wanted to try this. No equalization this way of course).  We can discuss pricing on the tops containing horns and crossovers for 3-way use if interested.


The sound these cabinets produce is breathtakingly huge, clean and tight. Very accurate as well and would bring a smile to anyone's face for many years to come.


I will include one picture in the post. The link below is for a photo album of my entire build.




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As someone who owns a Heresy built by jorjen and wishes he had it's mate, I can say build and sound quality (thanks to DeanG) are impeccable...I'd bet these are even better looking than the pix show...


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