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Finally Scored a Pair of La Scalas


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I tried my best to purchase Matt's La Scalas but the distance made it tough (I'm in Montgomery, AL) and by the time I figured out my pony express they were gone. 


But alas... the wife and I were headed to Atlanta for dinner and a show this past weekend and on a whim I thought... I should check the Atlanta Criagslist! LOL Found a nice original pair from a gentlemen in Marietta (see my post in alerts for his Chorus he has for sale). I'm not sure of the year yet... if they are like the Heresy date code, I think these are 1980 or 1981. They are all original with a couple of dings and scratches but darn nice for their age.


Left our hotel Sunday morning in downtown Atlanta and went and picked them up. It's a 3 hour drive home with a good chance of rain so moving blankets and a tarp were in order. Made it home just in time to beat the rain.


I plan to rebuild the crossovers but they sure sound great as is!! I loved my Heresies but the La Scala? WOW. Very nice. I'm a happy guy!


I'm driving these with an M-504 Onkyo Integra right now. not sure which system will eventually be "the one" but for now this will work. My room is almost 700 sq ft as it used to be the garage so I have plenty of room to open them up. I have a pair of Cerwin Vega CL-215's running in the rear of the room as well. The La Scalas are so sensitive, you can barely here the CV's! LOL This is a good thing in my book as they just add a little bottom end to the room with their dual 15's.





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I'm pretty excited. It was a long weekend and we arrived home around 3pm yesterday. Had them placed and up and running by 4. The wife made dinner but I stayed in front of the speakers until bed time... can't wait to get home and listen some more.


My first listen? Herb Alpert's Going Places (remastered by Herb in 2000)


My wife then chose Nora Jones.


THEN... threw on some Audioslave. WOW.


I need to rethink my tone/eq settings with these bad boys. Very revealing.

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Looks like it... my first pair were a Walnut stained lacquer. I think the LS are very distinctive and beautiful.

Big plus on the Nora Jones... sounds like she's sitting right in front of you.


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I've got a direct to acetate recording of Jack Johnson live at 3rd Man Records (Jack White's facility) that sounds pretty awesome. If you get a chance to visit Nashville, 3rd Man is a cool stop. They have a little gift shop that is VERY unique.

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Congratulations, LaScalas are cool especially if you have a little room to let them play like you do. They are in great shape, have fun.  :emotion-29:



Sounds like a great wife also.  :emotion-21:

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