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Clarify La Scala Finish?


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LS-BLS = La Scala - Birch - Lacquer - Stained


on my 79 price sheet it says ( walnut or maple stain, please specify )

i would say W/S for walnut stain

Price $731 ea. in 1979

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Shown in the photo is the "left" speaker. It's in pretty darn good shape for it's age (U). The "right" has a couple chips in the veneer but again... I'm very happy. I need to buff out the lacquer and do a little touch up. Picked them up North of Atlanta a couple weeks ago.

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Marietta. If you watch the market, you may know this gentlemen. He buys and sells quite a bit. His name is Corey. He has a pair of very nice Chorus right now along with some other gear.


I happened to be going to Atlanta for dinner and a show and checked CL on a whim. Worked out pretty good!

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I can make Marietta in an hour...


But I don't need any more speakers, really. Here's one of my last pair of LS, some '89s walnut stain with a lacquer finish. Mine had grill. I sold them a couple of years ago, but I am in the process of refurbing some beaters.


The tube amps powered the LaScalas, while an H/K 430 powered the Heresy IIs for TV duty.




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Nice. I would consider grills on my LS. I saw a thread some time back where someone made some trim and then inserted grills. Was that you? From the picture, it looks like it.


I am driving mine with an Onkyo M-504 for now. 

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