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**SOLD** Klipsch Heresy II's (Upgraded)-Milwaukee Area/Possible Ship


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Selling my pair of Klipsch Heresy II speakers in walnut. Sequential S/N's as shown in the photos.

These were my "project" speakers and the following has been done.

1) Re-veneer of BOTH speakers with new walnut veneer. I did make the mistake of running out and had to purchase more.  I was not able to match the grain patterns as you will see in the photos.  Also, the re-veneer is not perfect as this was my first time doing this and learned a lot (for next time).  I have highlighted a few minor issues.

2) Crites Titanium tweeter diaphragm updates

3) Cross-overs recapped.

4) Crites risers added. Walnut veneer applied.

$725 and pick-up in the Milwaukee,WI area.  I would consider shipping them however prefer not to.





20160903_055718 - Copy.jpg

20160903_055812 - Copy.jpg

20160903_055927 - Copy.jpg

20160903_055637 - Copy.jpg

20160903_055546 - Copy.jpg

20160903_055540 - Copy.jpg

20160903_055528 - Copy.jpg

20160903_055214 - Copy.jpg

20160903_055152 - Copy.jpg

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