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KP-600 crossovers


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So the KP-600s I bought are just too much for me to handle. Not enough storage space and not enough empty land to use them on. Anyway, I have 6HF crossovers along with the K-60Ms and K-77 tweeters. I have no clue where to start to test the crossovers. Crossovers in general are way over my head, I really can't complain about what comes stock in any of my Klipsch speakers including the AB in my Belle. Maybe my ears just aren't that good. How do I check the crossovers for functionality?

 I'm going to end up listing everything (1 SW-680, 3 LF bins with dual 15s and the HF bins) here and I don't really want to sell something without knowing if it works correctly. Can someone please help me out?


Thank you



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