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Bass management with Scott 299C


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Hello all,


I am about to come into possession of a restored Scott 299C, which will drive my Heresy II speakers. I also have a Sub 12 subwoofer, which I will drive from the derived center channel output on the amp.


The center channel output is independently adjustable on the 299C. For anyone out there with a similar set up, what's yoru routine for adjusting the output level to the subwoofer? Do you leave it at a certain level? Do you adjust it according to the regular volume level?


Any insights appreciated.

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The output of the sub will also raise and lower with the main volume control. I used to run a sub/scott combination with a pair of heresy speakers years ago. I would raise the level of the sub to the point where I just started to hear it...then back it down a nudge. The frequencies the sub is producing should be felt more then heard. If you can easily hear it its usually going add a bloated slow sounding bass to the music which will sound disconnected. 

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Hi Craig,


So are you saying that in addition to the level control I set on the center channel output (via its dedicated level control on the front panel) that the output to the center channel will also rise and fall along with the main volume control?

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