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I did not like the polypropylene Obbligato oil caps used in rebuilding my AA networks.   After years of my K-horns sitting, I decided to try again, with a pair of Type B which I rewired

as Type A in charged coupled configuration - this was much more to my taste, better detail, less fatigue - ESR on these old caps was fine.  I first heard MBGO years ago in a Baltek90 speaker and was impressed.  They may even be better than KBG (?) - they're less expensive and more compact.  I think I'll get more for my Karlson projects.  Of course subjective synergy 

may occur with different caps for different crossovers/drivers/amps/DAC, etc.  My Heresy I are stock other than KBG caps (not charge coupled) and have beautiful midrange with an an inexpensive singled ended ultra-linear EL34 amplifier.



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btw - my cheap ESR meters says two 1uF 400V MBGO caps in parallel have 0.16 ohm ESR vs 0.5 ohm ESR for a 400 volt KBG cap - so the 1uF MBGO paralleled might be pretty good in standard Klipsch applications such as Heresy I, La Scala, Klipschorn.   I'd like to hear someone with Jupiter caps do a comparison with MBGO.

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you can do like I did and use ~12uF in the 13uF position.   Parallel (20uF + 4uF)  to get 24uF so you'll need two 20uF and 2-4uF per crossover, order enough 4uF to make the required 2uf caps for an A or AA network.  Use a 1 meg resistor between their junctions - apply 9vdc - whatever, then enjoy.  I'll have to parallel 1uF caps to get near 3.3uF for a project.


20+4 is the closest and cheapest combination I could find in MBGO caps to get a series-connected 12uF cap


20uF http://www.ebay.com/itm/20uF-160V-Paper-Capacitors-MBGO-CCCP-Lot-of-2-/381426751255?hash=item58cece5717:g:ZLEAAOSwN81WELK3


4uF http://www.ebay.com/itm/1x-MBGO-2-4uF-160V-Paper-in-Oil-Capacitor-for-Tube-Amps-NOS-Tested-/162164116398?hash=item25c1bc0bae:g:WoEAAOSwMtxXriSI


btw, I know a lot of guys think the K400 is a lousy horn (too small a mouth for one thing) and will run something different.  ~25 years ago I used Bruce Edgar's 250Hz tractrix with alnico LE5 as my K-horn midhorn.   With decent caps and lots of putty on my midhorn, I like K400 just fine and can appreciate the K-horn in its original form.


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