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college FB 16/ NFL PLAYOFFS 2017


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Good news: Your QB lead all Running Backs & QBs in Rushing in the SEC.


Also, he lead the SEC in Total Offense &


Your Team Rec'd a Bowl bid to Sunny Florida.


Tell me more.


You sure? OK, you asked for it:


Your team finished 5&7 and backed into the St. Petersburg Bowl, Never Heard of it, based on Academic Progress.


Your kicker is challenged with Extra Points; don't even think about Field Goals.


Your Defense thinks tackling is optional...

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12 hours ago, JL Sargent said:

How bout Auburn vs Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl? That could be a good one there.



There are two teams NOBODY wants to play due to a hot second half of the season, Southern Cal is one, Oklahoma is the other.

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1 minute ago, JL Sargent said:

Wow Sancho, long time no post! Hope you're doing good. Good to see you back.


Times 2!  I completely missed it that it was Sancho who posted. I was lost over on AVS.com when Sancho invited me to post here on Klipsch.com two years ago. 


You started me on quite the journey which includes La Scala and Klipschhorn since the last time we talked!  Thanks, Sancho. 

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EDIT: 12/1616 @ 14:20 EST


This was the MAC's last best chance for a bowl victory.  They've lost all so far and Western's chances against the Badgers appear to be lower than Miami's against the 5-7 Bulldogs.



Perhaps Mississippi State's 17 - 16 victory today will prompt Sancho to post.

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WVU vs Miami, Fla - Wednesday at 5:30, ESPN2  Russell Athletic Bowl


WVU is a 2.5 point underdog to Miami, 57 points is the over/under.




WVU - 10-2 record, 3rd in the Big 12.  Good offense, good defense, no big names on either side of the ball.


Miami - Big name, resume with 5 national championships 8-4 record.  New coach, rebuilding year.


Does anybody but me care?  ie, any national interest?  It's a good Disney World destination for us cold West Virginians, but I suspect bowl game watchers are waiting for the national semis on Saturday.

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