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Special Edition Heritage


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On 9/19/2016 at 7:56 PM, Tasdom said:

Beautiful speakers for sure.....Klipsch should sell tickets to forum members and raffle off a pair or two.


I think it's illegal to conduct raffles over the internet.


Other than that, neat idea.  B)

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On 10/3/2016 at 9:41 PM, wvu80 said:


I think it's illegal to conduct raffles over the internet.


Other than that, neat idea.  B)

I find that hard to believe, I'd have to see the law quoted. I have won several firearms from online raffles. 



Just saw an ad for FORTE III's   So much WANT!!!! 

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Here is some information which might help clarify the issue.


Federal Restrictions

The federal Wire Wager Act makes it illegal for a business to regularly engage in online gambling, or for online gambling wages to provide regular and essential income to an organization. Therefore, your organization should not rely primarily on online raffles for income, nor should you run an online raffle with any regularity.

State Restrictions

In addition to federal restrictions and reporting requirements on raffles, you must also follow the regulations for gambling within the state that you are running a raffle. In some states, gambling and online gambling are illegal. Other states make exceptions to gambling laws for nonprofit organizations. However, because some states do not make any exceptions for online gambling, online raffles should not be open to every state in the country. Instead, research the gambling laws for the state where your nonprofit is located. If allowed in your state, start an online raffle that only allows people in your state to buy tickets.



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The black, low-visibility risers are a beautiful, classic look because they contrast with and make much more visible the high-quality veneers.  Great design move.  The pictures are seriously professional, like the early Klipsch pictures from earlier decades.  I"m glad to see the tradition renewed.

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25 minutes ago, David Ed said:


I own the Heresy 3.

Do you recomend to add a subwoofer ?



Everyone has a personal preference. I feel all Klipsch speakers sound best to me with a sub. I have used my H3's with a pair of DIY anarchy TH sub s and they sounded killer.

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