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tube fanatic

Some thoughts on power requirements.....

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I guess my thoughts on this, which are limited is "what is the definition of loud"? A flea power SET amp with less two watts drives my LS or KLF30s to over 100dB effortlessly. I personally consider this to be loud but nothing is shaking on the walls. The sound is clean and clear and the bass thumps with almost the same authority on my KLFs as when driven by my HK730. I noticed no appreciative diminishing low bass. 

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I consider anything over 90 db average at the MLP as loud.  Some would say that is not loud but, I take my hearing health seriously.  I also find movies not as harmful as music.  Most of the loud passages are of very short duration.  Here is a chart on exspoure time.


Permissible Exposure Time Guidelines –
Sound Pressure Level - SPL (Dose)
How long can a person endure a certain noise level before hearing impairment occurs?


 Sound Pressure Level   Sound pressure   Permissible Exposure Time 
115 dB 11.2 Pa 0.46875 minutes (~30 sec)
112 dB 7.96 Pa 0.9375 minutes (~1 min)
109 dB 5.64 Pa 1.875 minutes (< 2 min)
106 dB 3.99 Pa 3.75 minutes (< 4 min)
103 dB 2.83 Pa 7.5 minutes
100 dB 2.00 Pa 15 minutes
  97 dB 1.42 Pa 30 minutes
  94 dB − − − − − − − − − − 1.00 Pa − − − − − − 1 hour − − − − − − − − − − − − − −
  91 dB 0.71 Pa 2 hours
  88 dB 0.50 Pa 4 hours
  85 dB 0.36 Pa 8 hours
  82 dB
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"The standard level for control room monitoring in recording studios is slightly above 85dB, which means that the engineer set the tonal balance at that level. "


I tried to inform AlK of that and he got all upset saying no one was going to tell him at what levels to listen. I told him that when mixed at those levels, the F-M curve would let you play back at somewhat lower or higher levels without appreciable differences in perception.



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