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LaScala Subs Ideas


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I realize this has been discussed repeatedly, and I've read most postings related to this topic.  I have not found exactly what I'm looking for to get my LaScalas down to that 20Hz range.

What do I want?

A pair of subs to place LaScalas on top of that will fill in that lower end.  This would also lift the speakers to at or above listening position in my HT.

So these subs should be the footprint of LaScalas (approx. 24"x24") and no more than 18" high.  Active, passive, doesn't matter.  I know I could diy bass bins or tubas that will work.  But I'm looking for more of an out of the box solution. 

I've found plenty of subs that will fill in the gap soundwise, but they are normally a single sub.  I've also found subs with the proper footprint, but they lack the punch desired.


In conclusion,

I'm just stubborn enough to think that I can not be the only guy who's wanted this.  So I thought I'd post the problem here and get your feedback.



Joe Dierte`

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I've got plans from Bill Fitzmaurice for the Tuba 24 thinking that the footprint would work and I could lay them sideways at 16" high.

I realize this is not TT quality so I've not built them yet.

I was hoping someone made a decent active sub to fit the space and I'd get 2 of them to achieve my goals.

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I run a Bill Fitzmaurice THT (Tuba Home Theater) with my Scalas.  It is an earth mover for sure.  Mine is much too large to fit under anything, but you could conceivably build them with 12" drivers and make them less than 18" tall.  There are several other BFM sub designs that also might work well for your application.  They are DIY, but they will give you tectonic bass capability for just a few hundred dollars (I think I have about $300 in my sub).

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The THT looks wonderful.  But my goal is to get that type of performance out of a 24" cube that fits under Lascalas. 

Ultimax is an intriguing option as is the KP480 above.  

I am looking for the perfect match of size, sound, aesthetics, and cost.  Love the idea of a tuba of some kind. 

Actually 2 tubas 24"x24" and 14" high is my target. I'm ok with the BFM diy plans if there was one to meet my needs.

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