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Another forum I think you'd all enjoy!

Movie Freak

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Since I became a Klipsch owner and joined this once glorious forum, I have dashed around the web looking for like minded folk who share my interests in movies and sound equipment.

I found a new home last year, and its name is the DVD Shrine Forum .

I hope all of the regulars here and the n00bz come on down and check it out! No pop-up ads, no flaming and a completely free speech forum for you to discuss anything you like.

I still stop by here and lurk once and a while, but lately it's become a little "old" here with all the harsh complaints (yeah, I had a few when my pre-amp went south, but Amy fixed me up good!) and flaming going on.

So come join the crew at the DVD Shrine!


CP-1 = New Pro's!!!!

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