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FS - Heresy II's modded to Heresy III's - $600


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I've got these on Craigslist - Cape Cod.  Check out the link for info and more pics.  Nothing to elaborate, you all know what these are.  No scars on cabinets, but the stain is faded.  Grills are brand new from Klipsch


$600 cash for pair thru forum, no shipping boxes available. Could probably fashion some, if you wanted to cover FedEx & Paypal costs.


Thanks for looking.




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I believe it to be the original walnut oil, with it's naturally aged patina.  There are no labels, IIRC.


However, if interested I do have another pair that are walnut oil, that I have lacquered.  These are also HII's modded to HIII's.  Similar grade show quality.  These have the brown grill cloth with the traditional Klipsch copper logo.


Basically, trying to move one pair and keep the other...although...very well may end up moving them both.




Also, soon to come is my pair of oak Belles.  These actually are not Belles anymore.  Originally bought from member EdRoom (sp?).  In the Belle cabinets I have shoved Crites cast woofers, Volti 2" wooden horn assembly, jbl 2404h's, bms 4591's, and ALK ES crossovers.  It's a beefy setup, as well as beautiful.






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