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Opinions on KSW 12


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I am looking into getting a KSW 12, and I would like to get everybody's honest opinion on them. Do they sound good? Are they strong enough? Are they a good deal for $300?

Any and all input would be appreciated.




Klipsch Quartets - mains

Klipsch KG .5's - rear surrounds

Klipsch KV-3 - center

Denon AVR-1601

Adcom GFA-555 Musical Concepts Modified

NAD 1600 Pre/Tuner

Sony C-67ES CD Player

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you better have a corner (front) reserved for it. I've tried in the corner, and as little as 4-5 feet from it. Huge difference.

It's a bit boomy, and not very "fast" or tight. It does the job nicely for HT, though. The price really can't be beat. This is a "fun" sub, but not really an accurate or incredible one. You truly get what you pay for with this. I'm overal pleased, as I got a used one for $200. Can't really complain.


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At $300 I think it will be tough to find something that will outperform the KSW12. I have one and have not had any trouble with it. I'm happy with its output and sound quality. Some posters on this board feel it performs better for home theater than it does for music. Let me add, I have only had longterm experince with the KSW12 and a Klipsch K-RSW(part of a sub/sat system). If you can, visit some local dealers and audition as many different subs as possible.

Happy Hunting

Joe T

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I've had mine since the first of the year and like it. Being a car audiophile, I expected too much from it. But after listening to friends and realizing it isn't like a car sub, i like it lot better.

I'd say for the money its well worth it.

I have a pair of Quartets also and am looking for something to use as surrounds. I have Quintets now but am moving to a larger house and am afraid they won't have the volume I want.

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