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Heresy HIP 2 pair - Little Rock, AR


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17 hours ago, onemoretime said:

No affiliation. They look nice and that's a good price for a pair that will have plenty more bass than standard Heresies:


They're ported for output, not extension.  A standard Heresy will go slightly lower.  Nice speakers though.

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I know what you mean about sealed vs. ported, and specs do state certain things.


That said, what you hear with your ears between the two is quite different. Beefier woofer magnet (2X as heavy) really packs a punch. There is no contest between HIPs and standard Heresies IMNSHO.

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Title is a little confusing on this thread: "Heresy HIP 2 pair"


From the looks of it there is only 1 pair for sale and these are original HIP's, not the II's?


I agree, the original HIP's sound the best to me out of all the different Heresy models and I've had them all except the KP-201.

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