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New owner of Heresy. A few questions


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Hi Klipschers,

 Please excuse multiple posts. I'm not sure where the best forum is for this...

I recently became the owner of a pair of heresy speakers. From reading before asking I think I figured out that they are circa 1974 or 5. They are HDB - 12's (Heresy Decorator 12" woofer, right?). Both inspected by Lester Boyd and tested by WM Bradford. Serial #'s are 10M723 & 10M724. They are flat black with heavy duty grills only over the woofers. They have metal "L brackets" on the corners which do not appear to be stock to my eye. The cabinets are beat up a bit but holy smokes do they ROCK.


Questions are :

what did I get right or wrong?

what else is there to be learned from the labels? 

how much are they worth to a Klipsch fan?


Also interested in learning more about the history. Right now, however I would really appreciate some quick advice. I don't currently have adequate housing for a real audio setup, but I do have some old Cambridge Soundworks and other fairly high end vintage equipment stored away. Trying to decide what to do with all of it.




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These are the Alicia Keys no makeup version of Heresy speakers, although she looks better.  The appearance won't affect the sound, but it will seriously affect the price.


If they were mine, I'd use them as they are, such as in a garage system, or sell them as is, or part them out.  If you want to keep them with makeup, make new cabinets and refresh the crossovers.

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The grilles over the woofers were added post-production.  Klipsch never used that type of grilles back in that time period.

You could use bondo to make cabinet repairs. Be sure to drill into (but not THROUGH!) the wood to have something for the bondo to "root" itself into prior to application of the bondo.  Also, you can use some taped-together cardboard to help the bondo be retained prior to its setting up.  Then just take a sanding block with some 80-grit and work it down ALMOST flush to the wood around it.  Then spread some filler over any un-filled areas, let it set-up, and work it down flush with 180-grit sandpaper.  Then repaint the cabinets.  Keep in mind that bondo is easily crushed on corners if those corners get bumped...so the addition of corner protectors is advised.

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since you asked i think you'd be lucky to get $200 - $250 tops in their condition

a lot of work to dismantle them and take pictures plus shipping and ebay fees. if you broke them down from prices on ebay and have checked that all components work and showed pictures with a meter

the K-77 tweets @ $50 - $100 pair

K-55V's @ $150 pair

K-22's in mint condition @ roughly $100 pair

crossovers $50+

below is ebays completed item page. the price in green means they sold




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