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Lots of new Klipsch Products, just in time for the holidays!


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I received The One from UPS today.  Used the bluetooth and also tried a Chromecast Audio plugged into the aux port. Naturally, the Chromecast sounded clearer and more defined. 


The One really looks good, the wood is exactly what I wanted. I choose the Ebony finish to match the woodwork on the furniture in the bedroom. The grill material is similar to the material on my Heresy.  


Sounds really good for a bluetoooth speaker.  It sounds similar to the KMC-1, but with more bass.  Just received it, so I expect it to sound better once I get a few hours on it.


Think I'll be happy with my purchase.






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Congrats to you both on your purchases!  This is a cool looking product, good to hear positive initial reviews.  My local dealer doesn't carry these (yet) and has never carried the stadium, I would have liked to have heard one.


Thank you for sharing about the issues, I had seen some, but not a lot.  That makes me leery...

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I have no idea.


The purchase was made as this was a "Klipsch product" and my son needed a Bluetooth speaker.  He had actually picked-out the "Marshall amplifier " vintage looking one that is popular on Amazon.  But I changed it.  :)


We have a Samson bluetooth speaker that has lots of power and volume for its size.  Doesn't look cool enough to sit in bedroom on a shelf.

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