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Home theater from scratch


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After a huge investment of time and precious metal I have nearly finished my built-from-scratch home theater.   Mains are TSCMs with a pair of RF 81ii for the center.   The surrounds are RS 62ii and RS 51ii.  Rears are RB81s and there are 4 [currently unused] ceiling ATMOS speakers.    Amp is Top of line Marantz set up for 9.2.     One of most important items is the length of the HDMI and Ethernet lines.    I had trouble with lower performance lines as short as 10 feet.    Anything over 10-15 feet mandates top of the line cabling.    Especially important if you plan to stream 4k TV.


I used special drywall with additional sound absorptive paint.  Has worked well to limit the reflections.   Heavy carpet with thick pads have limited the floor reflections.     For you Klipsch Pro fans the TSCMs were pricey but have totally out performed a pair of Cornwalls.     Looks like overkill; but, no one says you have to turn them up.    In my theater I must be running them at 2 % of capacity and they absolutely sound great.


I have tried almost every conceivable surround combination and frankly my ears can not tell the difference between the RS 62s and the RS 51s when used as surrounds.  Actually any other quality speaker for that matter having tried at least 6 other combinations.     The mains and center have made a huge difference however.






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